The Fedrizzi Art Gallery is located in the central square in Cles (Trento) and offers an ample and elegant showroom.
The Gallery was created in 1982 thanks to Camillo Fedrizzi’s passion and entrepreneurial courage and has been a meeting place among the best artists from Trentino and national artists and a more and more interested and attentive public over the last 35 years.
The Gallery has been one of the first influential initiatives for the Artists’ promotion and enhancement in the local area and nowadays is a prominent and high-visibility showcase.
Ambrosi, Annigoni, Armani, Bacosi, Borghese, Caffè, Colorio, Conta G. & L., Depero, Fait, Frangi, Fruet,  Gineba, Mastroianni, Mazzonelli, Moggioli, Parmigiani, Pasquini, Polo, Rossi Zen,  Sassu, Sartori, Schweizer, Squillantini, Terruso, Treccani are only some among more than 200 Artists that have displayed in the showrooms of the Gallery over the years.

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